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  • This is one of Mary's custom redesign shirts for an LA client. She "loved" the shirt because it is made from a beautiful cotton and is well constructed.  Big Sur friends' will clammor for it now!

PERSONALIZED SHIRTS: Workshop (click prod desc)


Product Description


Channel your inner Mari Kondo, my favorite Japanese Master of Clutter. Open your closet and select a cotton shirt that really suited you because the silhouette, size and color complimented your lifestyle. Now, that garment seeks a higher vibration. Bring it to my atelier and we’ll give it a creative make-over by cutting, slashing, stitching, dyeing and adding additional embellishments.


We will incorporate concepts of sustainability, upcycling, recycling and happiness into our artistic endeavors!


Come for one or all sessions depending on the complexity of the personalized shirt redesign you envision (bring your shirt, additional design materials are included in the fee). Sessions are suitable for all skill levels and ages. If you prefer using your own sewing kit (needles and tools) or have materials you would like to repurpose, please bring them. Basic supplies are available to use in the atelier.

Session 1: TBA

Session 2: TBA

Session 3: TBA


Register for the Workshops online.  Call or text Mary with any questions and to indicate the session you would like to attend: 917-416-2686 (mobile).



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