ACCORDION DUSTER: Royal Blue Hip Circle #25 (left)

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ACCORDION DUSTER: Royal Blue Hip Circle #25

  • 100% silk dupioni
  • bias pleated duster with hand-stitched appliques
  • resist dyed bias silk binding around neckline
  • pleats are edge stitched (face/inside) and permanent
  • one-of-a-kind
  • multi-colored
  • slightly oversized silhouette drapes like a soft sculpture
  • folds easily for traveling
  • lightweight

The ROYAL BLUE HIP CIRCLE DUSTER #25 is a long diaphanous coat with a kissing front (no overlap). The diagonal direction of the bias pleats creates a dramatic asymmetric flair as the voluminous duster appears to float on the body as it moves. 

The lyrical, bold spheres and circular bands of tonally colored silk cut-outs are hand-appliqued with minute stitches. The soft burnt edges of the bias pleats distort the appliqued shapes and colors giving the duster an edgy, dynamic vibe.

Earrings and necklaces by Beth Farber fine Jewelry. Contact Mary for details.

Emma (model) is 5'11"  Royal Blu
Jean (model) is 5'3"  Royal Purple Jacket