Atelier Treasures

  Celebrating Mother Earth at



April 23 

Smithsonian Craft Optimism is a climate conscious marketplace organized by the Smithsonian Women’s Committee in collaboration with Honoring the Future.  
This marketplace features hand-crafted work created in America that uses beautiful materials and is conscious of sustainable solutions and environmental conservatism.
I’m honored to have been selected to participate in it with other talented artisans and acknowledge respect to Mother Earth.


"Enjoying your treasures. Such a fun way to wake up on a Friday! I go to bed excited on Thursday. It gives me that little something to look forward to."

Cathy, Chicago

I'm showing my newest collection of reimagined and personalized cotton shirts which combine hand-stitched resist dye techniques with materials repurposed from previous production work, saving both goods and garments from landfills.
They are playful collages of patterns, colors and textures created in my atelier inviting their new wearers’ to spread the joy.
Join me and seven other Smithsonian Craft Optimism designers Monday, April 26 at 7:30 ET for a special Art Party evening via Zoom.
Email me and I'll send you the Zoom details (

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