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Upscaling Silk Fragments Reveals a


Futuristic and Magical Scarf: Layers of Courage



I’m hand picking accessories from my studio to feature in my ATELIER TREASURES

These treasures have a reason for a special shout-out. Some are one-of-a-kind, others limited editions. Each has a timely story and reflects part of my journey as a designer. In turn, I invite you to find how they resonate with you and elevate your personal style.  

New Atelier Treasures are revealed on Fridays at 6:30 AM ET. Make sure you subscribe to my newsletter to receive the coupon code for a special discount. The discount is applied at check-out. 


"Enjoying your treasures. Such a fun way to wake up on a Friday! I go to bed excited on Thursday. It gives me that little something to look forward to."

Cathy, Chicago







This week I am featuring my LAYERS OF COURAGE SCARF, PONCHO and 5 CORNER SCARF


The juxtaposition of dyed silk fragments inspired the bold abstract LAYERS OF COURAGE design.

It speaks to raising the collective consciousness regarding sustainable fashion and climate change.

How can we turn something disregarded into a useable item that enhances our lives, can be used over and over again, and reveals a serene beauty that makes us feel good?

Experiment with wearing the SCARF and PONCHO together to create a chic ensemble layered over a comfortable straight leg pant and fuzzy slippers.



Friday, March 5 thru Monday, March 8 at 12 PM EST each Scarf, Poncho and 5 Corner Scarf are $100 off with the coupon code COURAGE100 while supply lasts. 

Atelier Treasures are final sales, no exchanges or returns. Coupon code discounts are taken at check-out.


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