BEADED LACE COLLAR: Blue-Green-Black Ombre



  • hand-beaded in the San Blas Islands of Panama
  • glass beads (miniature)
  • bead/loop closure (can be worn front or back)
  • lightweight and flexible
  • packs easily for travel (handbag or suitcase)
  • neatly conforms to the base of the neckline
  • lay flat when not worn
  • one-of-a-kind
  • heirloom quality

The lace-like OMBRE BEADED COLLAR gently wraps the neckline and frames the face with bold black spokes radiating outward and soft, neutral tones of blue, green, taupe and white completing the fan-like design. The circular imagery is reminiscent of my resist-dye signature HIP CIRCLE design only made out of beads.

Paired with a scoop neck dress or tank top, the delicate beaded necklace becomes an elegant accessory with a dramatic modern flair. Worn with a crisp, tailored shirt for business ZOOM CHATS, it becomes a point of conversation bringing the attention to YOU and YOUR MESSAGE!