KHADI SQUARES: Pinkish Earth Landscape


Hand-woven cotton KHADI SQUARES: PINKISH EARTH LANDSCAPE SHAWL (shawl on right).

  • hand-woven
  • 100% cotton
  • hand-dyed resist pattern
  • one-of-a-kind
  • hand-stitched center seam detail
  • 45" x 88"
  • hand-wash and hang to dry
  • metallic edge detail
  • 1/2" fringe on all sides

The supremely lightweight, finely woven cotton KHADI SQUARES SHAWL is super-sized so you can wrap around both yourself and a friend! The warm pinkish raisin tones are fresh and dynamic mixed with white.

EACH SCARF IS INDIVIDUALLY HAND-DYED. Colors and patterns will vary.

Jean (model) is 5'3" (left)
Emma (model) is 5'11" (right)