Moon Landscapes Shirt (medium) SOLD - NO LONGER AVAILABLE

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Reimagined Personalized Shirt: Moon Landscapes Shirt   size medium to large

  • all cotton
  • reimagined shirt
  • applique
  • machine stitch embroidery
  • resist-dyed shirt
  • resist-dyed pleated peplum
  • deconstructed cotton twill tape
  • hand-stitch details
  • one-of-a-kind

My newest collection of reimagined and personalized cotton shirts combines hand-stitched resist dye techniques with materials repurposed from previous production work, saving both goods and garments from landfills. Machine stitch “sketches” and applique add new dimensions to the shirt.

The shibori dyed white and teal peplum is pleated in the front. It adds a classic touch to the formerly solid grey chambray shirt.

The shirt has a washer finish and can be worn layered and open like a jacket or buttoned up.

Model: Edith is 5'6"