• individually hand-made in India
  • sturdy shoulder straps
  • zipper closure
  • inside zip pocket
  • Sanskrit inspired block-print cotton lining
  • one-of-a-kind applique fabrics

The series of RAINBOW TOTES are inventive expressions of contemporary Indian textile work.

The size is perfect to carry a laptop computer and travel accessories, doubling as a delightfully colorful briefcase. Pair it with an oversized, wild floral print dress or skirt for summer to add extra zing to your step or with wide-leg white linen pants and a PERSONALIZED SHIRT for a sophisticated burst of energy. 

One of the most fascinating days of my life was spend with Robave women in the Kutch region of India, near the Pakistan border. This nomadic tribe is traditionally known for the intricate mirror hand-embroidery work done by young girls and women to embellish accessories and garments, interior textiles for their dwellings and ceremonial cloths. These age-old hand-embroidery textile techniques are rapidly being replaced by quicker machine-stitch treatments. One example of these evolving textile traditions are the brightly colored ribbons and cords machine-stitched to create the fabric in this series of RAINBOW BAGS. Noteworthy are the designs of the various calico fabrics folded into triangular shapes used for the zigzag edgings around the periphery of the bags.