MY WORK IS ABOUT modern elegance and rich traditions. Uncluttered textiles and accessories reflect my aesthetic---melding ancient Eastern and contemporary Western design. Drawing on years of study and work in Japan and other areas of Asia, South East Asia and Europe, I create timeless collections and items for fashion and interiors that seamlessly move between seasons, places and occasions.

The core of my niche women's and interior accessory collections are inspired by my passions for color, texture and pattern. I use shaped resist dyeing techniques synthesized with voluminous silhouettes and a love of hand-crafted construction and couture details. Beginning with woven and knit natural fibers such as cotton, linen, silk, wool, alpaca and cashmere, I proceed to selectively dye and shrink portions of the fabric or garment multiple times.

My Unfolding Project: Accordion Silk Collections explore three-dimensional fabric manipulation through deconstructing, piecing, pleating, dyeing, shrinking and stitching concepts. The work is worn draped and layered as soft sculptures for the body. The juxtaposition of textures, colors and patterns demonstrate a contemporary fluidity fueled by a deep knowledge and appreciation of ancient textile design techniques and skills along with dress-making and an understanding of the human form. This combination ignites the imagination and enhances personal style in a magical way.

The work is created in my Brooklyn Atelier, from design conception through production. Foremost concerns include beauty in our everyday lives, design functionality and innovation. My passions include historical designs and embellishing techniques, tactile combinations of fabrics and motifs, and circular fashion being eco-conscious and sustainable. I re-imagine post-production materials and vintage garments and accessories, infusing them with a sense of individual personalization, extending their lives and saving them from landfill sites. I strive to help make our world a more hopeful and enjoyable place to live by preserving and offering the art of one-of-a-kind and limited edition handmade accessories, clothing and interior textile objects.

In my archives I have an extensive collection of original Asian and South-East Asian textiles, both fabrics and photographs, as well as vintage Japanese kimono and obis. In my atelier we are continually creating new patterns and color combinations for our collections, private label and custom products. Much of the work is not featured in the webshop. You are welcome to contact us with specific needs and requests, and visit the atelier (by appointment).  






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MARY JAEGER online shop:  www.maryjaeger.com

MARY JAEGER Atelier: 219 Johnson Avenue, Brooklyn, NY  11206