"Just to tell you how much I have enjoyed wearing the fine shawl you gave me at the Smithsonian Craft Fair. It is beautifully designed and keeps me warm even in drafty rooms and corridors.

With appreciation for your artistry and for a very special gift."

Honorable Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, Washington, D.C.  


"... you have History, that means you can create what others can hardly imagine... a life spent enhancing life gives you a magical touch..."

Bruce, Japan


"Oh I love my quilted scarf! I wore it to an outside dinner this summer / it as a perfect weight and kept off the chill of a California summer evening…"

Catherine, CA


"Thank you, Mary! My most anticipated mail EVER!!!"

Jane, Australia


"Thank you all so much for the hand-dyed scarf! It is just beautiful and I will love wearing it!"

Marsha, AZ (birthday gift from family - order placed over the phone by cousin)


"You brought a smile to my face sharing your 1970’s treasures and Hong Kong memories for me as well. You must of been a hot ticket item in your HOT pants and floppy hat! Thank you for sharing!"

Nanci, NJ


"I love the poncho! The colors are amazing and it just seems alive with movement.  Looking forward to wearing it and experimenting with various attire. Incredible what a bit of silk can do."
Paula, PA
"1. omg, the gloves are MORE gorgeous than I remembered. 2. thank you so much!!!!"
Dario, NY


"... she received (the shawl) and LOVED it. Thank you so much for everything!"

Alonda, IL


"Thanks so much for the extra "LOVE" gift and I've wanted a BON BON since you started making them (3 heart emojis)!"

Janna, MD


"By far, your packaging is the most beautiful presentation that I have ever opened! Thank you so much!! Your work is amazing and inspiring! As soon as it's safe to travel, I will be making my way to you shop."

Toni, MA


"... the two shawls have just arrived here. And, of course, they are fabulous! Both are wonderful. Thanks so much."

Lisette, PA


"Mary, I love the tee shirt! Thank you! I love what it signifies: JOY! You are an amazingly beautiful and talented artist, a designer with a heart and soul to match. I'll model my tee here very soon, as soon as I have the oomph to put on some make-up!"

Amy, NY


"I am the proud owner of two exquisite works of art that I will always treasure. The colors of this duster will be beautiful for the late afternoon wedding set in the middle of a vineyard. Truly a dream come true!

I am so thrilled to own some clothing of yours. Always admired your work since the first time I saw it."

Leonie, NJ


"The live session (via facetime) was uplifting, and I know each time I wear one of these pieces it will be too. I continue to love and appreciate your artistry.  Stay well!"

Cathy, IL


"Under separate cover, I am returning the size M tee shirt for you. It was clever of you to send me the two sizes and though the medium fits, the large was more comfortable. 

Do take care during this oddest of times. It cheers me to realize that artists such as you continue to create beauty during these uncertain times. Keep it up!"

Joanna, CA


"Thank you for your shirt. I will make sure I shout your name every time I wear it!"

Joyce, NY (Joyce literally took the re-constructed personalized shirt off my back following a talk I gave at TSGNY!)


"Wanted to thank you for hosting Saturday morning in your studio - was an honor to see your work - process and experience. Wishing you a prosperous 2020 and hope to connect again in the new year. Cheers X!"

Anush, Spain


"Mary, (the Tiger T-shirts) are gorgeous. Thank you. Yes, they have finally arrived (after 7 weeks)! So exciting."

Barbara, Australia


"I love the colors in the butterscotch plaid... and being lesser color person (black black black and black), this adds a lot! Pix to come! So happy to support you... you ARE SUCH a major talent!!"
Amy, NY
"Package arrived as I was running out the door to pilates, but I HAD to stay to open it! Both t-shirts are fantastic! And Thank you for the bad-ass gloves. They are so cool!
Cathy, IL