MARY JAEGER ATELIER is located in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, NY

219 Johnson Avenue
Brooklyn, NY  11206
929 337-6639  atelier phone


I would like to invite you to visit our spacious new retail area at the Atelier. 
During this time of COVID-19, as we are adjusting to a new frontier and evolving normal, we can virtually meet at the atelier. I'll give you a tour of the space using an electronic device. This is a perfect way to connect if you live in another area of the country or abroad too. Alternatively, if you are in NYC, we can meet at the atelier socially distanced so you can truly understand and appreciate the tactile aspects and fit of the collections up-close.

At the atelier, you can enjoy the experience of seeing the various hands-on textile design techniques in-work that we incorporate into the one-of-a-kind and limited edition accessories and garments in the collection. AND you can try-on the newest cashmere shawls and silk dusters!

Email to set-up up an appointment (please use the form below).


DIRECTIONS from Manhattan
SUBWAY  L TRAIN to the MONTROSE STATION, walk 1.5 blocks along Bushwick to Johnson Avenue, turn right. We are in the middle of the block. The Atelier is a 20 minute journey from Union Station.

CAR  street and lot parking are available.


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CONTACT me for press, editorial information, custom design work, photography and apparel/interior rentals. 

Your patronage and friendship are invaluable to me...


XOX Mary