Customer Service

MARY JAEGER ATELIER is located in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, NY

219 Johnson Avenue
Brooklyn, NY  11206


I would like to invite you to visit our spacious new retail area at the Atelier. I'll give you a tour of the space. You can enjoy the experience of seeing the various hands-on textile design techniques in-work that we incorporate into the one-of-a-kind and limited edition accessories and garments in the collection. AND you can try-on the newest cashmere shawls and silk dusters!

Call me to set-up up a private appointment.


DIRECTIONS from Manhattan:

SUBWAY: L TRAIN to the MONTROSE STATION, walk 1.5 blocks along Bushwick to Johnson Avenue, turn right. We are in the middle of the block. The Atelier is a 20 minute journey from Union Station.

CAR: We have a parking lot for your vehicle.


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Your patronage and friendship are invaluable to us... 


XOX Mary