Hats / Arm Warmers

The CASTLE COLLECTION of hand-crochet alpaca accessories is inspired by castle spires in Finland and the Fins affection for felted textiles.

The oversized hats and arm warmers are cocheted individually then fulled (shrunk) to about 50% of their original size. This felts the yarns so the fibers tightly mesh together creating a barrier to winter's blustery winds.

The Castle Hats can be molded to fit your head. Try tucking in portions to create your own shape and style.

Layering the arm warmers with the wide sleeves of my Quilted Arch Coats keeps your wrists warm and toasty. They give a street vibe to the sleeveless Quilted Vests when styled as slouchy accessories pulled just above the elbows.


The CASTLE HAT and ARM WARMERS in the taupe colorway were acquired by the National Silk Museum in Hangzhou, China for their permanent fashion collection as part of my Hip Circle Rib Collar Cape ensemble.