ACCORDION BONBON #112 Pink-Lime-Gold 14" Wide


ACCORDION BONBON #112 Pink-Lime-Gold    14" Wide (large)

  • 100% silk dupioni
  • pleated neck wrap
  • pleats are edge stitched and permanent
  • one-of-a-kind
  • 14" high
  • multi-colored
  • circular loop (infinity neck wrap)
  • reversible (both sides are different colors/tones)
  • drapes like a soft sculpture
  • folds flat for traveling
  • hand-embroidered Word of Hope (alongside one of the pleats)

The soft blend of pastel tones in #112 are seasonless and enchanting - the new neutrals. 

This multi-colored silk ACCORDION BONBON is a timeless accessory that will update your look as your activities move from home to office to evening gatherings. Simply drape the BonBon over your shoulders, give it a little twist, and enjoy your interactions with your peeps.

Think of the ACCORDION BONBONS as soft sculptural neck wraps - there is no right or wrong way to wear them - be creative - experiment with compressing and releasing the pleats and with the placement of the colors as they gently drape your shoulders.