ACCORDION SHAWL #1: White+Taupe+Indigo

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 ACCORDION SHAWL #1: DESERT OASIS   White+Taupe+Indigo  one-of-a-kind

  • 100% silk 
  • geometrically pieced mosaic design 
  • combination of multiple neutral colors and textures 
  • patterns unique to each side of the shawl (front / back)
  • pleats are edge-stitched and permanent
  • resist-dyed
  • bias pleats
  • folds diagonally for easy packing (in a drawer, suitcase or handbag)


The ACCORDION SHAWL DESERT OASIS is a dimensional accessories that wrap like a soft sculptures of unparalleled finesse. Wear portions of the shawl with the pleats compressed and other areas with the pleats released, freely draping your body. Tie it around your shoulders or waist, holding in place by tucking in the ends or pinning it in place with your favorite vintage brooch. Try hanging it on your wall or draping it over a chair as an interior accent.