Art Textil- Shades of Memory

Art Textil- Shades of Memory

Posted by Mary Jaeger on 10th Jul 2020

Art Textil-  Shades of Memory

July 28-September 8, 2018

Museum Sursilvan Curot Ligia Grischa, Trun, Switzerland

Artist Statement: Mary Jaeger

UNFOLDING PROJECT: Accordions Compress+Release are multi -dimensional silk wearables created by re-configuring post-production textile remnants. The Accordion BonBon neck wraps are reversible, circular pleated columns that transform in to soft sculptural collars when draped on a body. The Accordion Dresses, Jackets and Duster are voluminous, over sized silhouettes that are constructed, then pleated, dyed and edge-stitched, giving the garments wide shapes and forms that are unexpectedly diaphanous and lightweight. The collection references the impeccable craftsmanship and colors of a Qing dynasty apron court skirt made from luxurious silk Jacquards with fine pleats and pictorial embroidery (China, circa 1850-1910) belonging to the artist. With a nod to Qing Dynasty precious gemstone, pearl and gold jewelry, the lariats were designed using hand-carved objects, glass and ceramic beads, leather cord and silk scraps from the artist’s atelier.

The mystery elements, that one needs to search for, are the Words of Hope imbedded alongside one of the pleats in each piece. Each word has a particular meaning to the artist that she wants to share with the wearer. The words include love, compassion, peace, joy, happiness. These messages are timely, yet timeless, and give a deeper meaning to the hand-work, thought-process, care and time invested in the making of these individual clothing items in our era of mass markets, frenetic consumption and dismissive waste. By embracing the essence of these Words of Hope, and internalizing their qualities, these garments assume a different relevance than mass produced fashion by, hopefully, communicating to the wearer they are individuals who can positively influence their own lives and their communities through innovative actions in our era of global fake news and social injustice.

Five international artists exhibiting at Art Textil- Shades of Memory: 

Yoshiko Iwamoto Wada     Berkeley

Mascha Mioni     Disla

Ana Lisa Hedstrom     San Francisco

Jorie Johnson     Kyoto

Mary Jaeger     New York

Accordion Pleated Collection of silk dusters, jackets, dresses, accordion bonbons and jewelry. Photos taken at the museum and at Mary's atelier in NYC. 

model: Emma Godman  @emmarose00

photographer : Mary Jaeger

photographer: Accordion BonBon Collage (last photo)  Sergio LeyMarie @sergioleymarie