Women Wall of Honor SCARF

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I was commissioned to design the 100 Women Wall of Honor SCARF by the School of Human Ecology at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. The 80" x 25" printed silk chiffon scarf is inspired by the individual stories of the women who have made an impact on the quality of life in their communities, their family or in their chosen field. The short ends of the scarf are hand-fringed and the sides are rolled and hand-stitched. The warm tonal blend of neutral oranges and blush shades are highlighted with soft blacks and touches of blues and greens.  

The artwork was created in two layers, a top layer of Japanese rice paper over a translucent layer of vellum, using a combination of calligraphy, hand-drawing and collage. The arch of orchids, written words, softly colored disks and hot red-orange circles are symbolically rich and meaningful.

The scarf comes packaged in a black folder with written documentation telling about the architectural highlights of the 100 Women Wall of Honor and the scarf's design process. A full-color blank card in a red envelope featuring the artwork is enclosed. The folder is bound with a 1" strip of the original artwork and a red seal. DESIGN IN TEXTILES BY MARY JAEGER will donate $30 from the sale of each scarf to the Friends of SoHE, a non-profit organization founded by members of the SoHE Board of Visitors, to support student projects and School programs.

Wear the seasonless scarf with Badger RED and WHITE! Dramatically drape it around the neckline of a tailored dress or white blouse. Let it hang casually down the front of an open jacket. It is the perfect shawl for summer evenings worn around your shoulders, updating that perfect little black dress! 

The third edition of the scarves is currently in the atelier and ready to ship!