ACCORDION DUSTER: Hip Circle Soft Olive



  • 100% silk dupioni
  • bias pleated jacket with hand-stitched appliques
  • resist dyed bias silk binding around front edges and neckline
  • pleats are edge stitched (face/inside) and permanent
  • one-of-a-kind
  • multi-colored
  • slightly oversized silhouette drapes like a soft sculpture
  • folds easily for traveling
  • lightweight

The HIP CIRCLE SOFT OLIVE DUSTER is a lightweight and diaphanous coat with a kissing front (no overlay). The diagonal direction of the bias pleats creates a dramatic and asymmetric flair as the slightly A-line duster appears to float on the body as it moves. 

The motif for HIP CIRCLE SOFT OLIVE DUSTER was inspired by my signature stitch-resist circular motif for T-shirts. Bias strips of silk were hand-appliqued to the duster prior to pleating and dyeing. The soft burnt edges of the bias pleats distort the pattern, suggesting a romantic and timeless design that moves seamlessly from elegant gatherings worn over a monotone silk ensemble to casual adventures worn with jeans and a T-shirt.

Model: Emma is 5'11"